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Friday, January 09, 2009
Oracle 10g very slow when generating report using Crystal Reports

Recently we have upgraded our production database from Oracle 9i to Oracle 10g.
After this, our reports response time got to very bad.

After searching google it reveals that Oracle 10g has a bug in ODBC connection.
I tried to update the ODBC:

1. Upgrade ODBC oracle 10g to version (12-Dec-2006) --> the speed still SLOW
2. Set parameter_optimizer_ignore_hints=TRUE either from Initialization Parameter or create trigger like this:
create or replace trigger sys.logon_trigger
after logon on application_user.schema
execute immediate
'alter session set "_optimizer_ignore_hints"=TRUE';

Application_user is your schema's name.

After creating the trigger my report generated report faster than before.

I got this from here

Sunday, January 04, 2009
Compiling VB6 hang


I am posting this message just to tell how I found a solution to the
infamous c2.exe stops I found a lot of desperate posts
about this problem.

This took about 18 hours from my summer holiday...

Short story
VB6 SP6 project group does not compile - c2.exe stops and VB-ide

After long and exhausting reinstalls and removals I found out thet Acer
webcam software stopped the vb6 - c2.exe and removing the webcam
sothware removed the problems also!
When the webcam Orbicam.s LVPrcSrv.exe is running it causes problems.
There are either a version problem on the LVPrcSrv.exe or the OrbiCam
utility software causes the problems - the bare Orbicam driver can be
installed without problems.

Acer Travelmate 8204WLMi
120Gb HDD
Intel centrino Duo

Windows XP professional SP2 FIN
Visual Basic 6 enterprice edition SP6

Long story:
Well - the story goes like this

I bought a new laptop - installed all my software - and a big VB6 -
project. After some time I found that the vbg-group does not compile.
The compiler stops on some of the projects - not always the same - and
does not give any error messages - just stops. VB-ide halts totally.

First I thougt that it might be the Microsoft XML-parser that causes
- removed the XML-parser -> no help
next ....

- removed Microsoft Office 2003 -> no help
- removed and reinstalled VB6 twice -> no help
- beeing mad an drinking a couple of beers -> no help

- made total backup of my therr partitions
- reinstalled the whole WindowsXP from the factory recovery
- reinstalled VB6 & all other programs & my VB-project -> the project
compiled once ok - second time - not - the same problem!

- more beer and anger!
- a second start from scratch - reinstalling the whole Windws from
- now - no connection to net - no windows updates - no firewall - no
virus scanner - no nothing extra - only vb6 and vb6-sp6 and my project

- the project compiles once ok and then again the same hell!

- lots of reading internet ....more beer

- found out that deleting all the intermediate files from the disk
helps - the project compiles - maybe once
- found out that killing c2.exe leaves VB-ide working ok but gives
error - Can not execute c2.exe
- found out that my project compiles OK in WIndows Safe Mode !

- removed all the accessory programs that the Acer eRecovery so
willingly installs -> no help
- started to kill one service / time with task manager and trying to
compile ... and at last - removing LVPrcSrv.exe did the trick - my
project COMPILES!

- found out that LVPrcSrv.exe is a helper for my Acer.s tiny webcam
OrbiCam - which has no use for me at all !

- removed the webcam software and hardware
- reinstalled all the rest of my software - making disk image copies
and trying the VB-compiler ....

- after making diskimage - installed Acer Orbicam, just driver ( not
the whole software pagage) downloaded from Acer - and belive or not -
VB compiles ok ....

- what is the real reason - I do not know .. but I have stopped
drinking more beer for a couple of days....

- the reason for this long post is that I had a lot of time to write
this while waiting the software installs....still installing and making
backups after each addendum...

Seppo Rinta-Kaupila


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